Scroll bug fix introduction

The "scrollBugFix" add-on prevents touchscreen devices from unintentionally scrolling the page while the menu is opened, it is turned on by default. To turn it off or to customize how it works, change the scrollBugFix options and configuration.

        "DOMContentLoaded", () => {
            new Mmenu( "#menu", {
                scrollBugFix: {
                    // scroll bug fix options
            }, {
                scrollBugFix: {
                    // scroll bug fix configuration

Options for the "scrollBugFix" add-on

Option Datatype Default value Description
fix Boolean true Whether or not to fix the scroll bug on touchscreens.

Configuration for the "scrollBugFix" add-on

The "scrollBugFix" add-on has no configuration options.

CSS variables for the "scrollBugFix" add-on

The "scrollBugFix" add-on has no CSS variables.

API methods for the "scrollBugFix" add-on

The "scrollBugFix" add-on has no API methods.